Wildfires Shut Down Westworld

December 10, 2017 | crap around the web | Elliot Wolf | 0 Comments

California is burning at the moment and that put a halt on both the Westworld and SWAT show. But don’t expect things to be paused for too long because Hollywood is undefeated when it comes to the phrase “the show must go on.” Anything is possible in the movie business. So if Anthony Hopkins accidentally burned to death on set it’s technologically possible to resurrect him. If CGI can bring Paul Walker back from dead then risking a celebrity or two to ensure an approved season is finished is common practice. 

Filming on HBO’s big-budget drama Westworld — which shoots in Santa Clarita near where the 200-acre brush fire broke out — was temporarily suspended due to the flames fueled by the Santa Ana winds, the pay cable network has confirmed.

“Due to nearby wildfires, Westworld stopped production earlier today and will resume filming as soon as it’s safe to do so,” HBO said in a statement. The Warner Bros. series created by Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan is currently in production on its second season. 

In addition, production on CBS drama S.W.A.T. has also been temporarily halted due to the fires. “Production of @swatcbs has been suspended for the day due to wildfires and unsafe air near our stages,” read a tweet from the S.W.A.T. writers account. “Safety of cast and crew come first. Prayers to all affected by these fires.” The message was then retweeted by an actress on the series, Stephanie Sigman. “Everybody stay safe,” she added.

The wildfires are putting society’s elite at risk. So many individuals who have worked so hard for material possessions that most other people can only dream of affording are about to lose them in a fire. Do you know how many sexual harassment settlements one person must avoid in order to afford a mansion? Multiple. I feel terrible knowing some overpaid director will need to sleep inside their Rolls Royce because the California King bed in a million dollar mansion has turned to ashes. I wonder where the wealthy will migrate to when the smoke clears. There really isn’t a state similar to Cali if a mass exodus of mansion owners are uprooted.  

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