Blink 182’s Band Member Drafts All-Star Ex-Fed Team For Alien Hunt

It’s publicly polite to not discuss your beliefs about other extraterrestrial beings in the universe. But if your Blink 182’s Tom DeLonge being polite isn’t your forte. read more

Boy Scouts Now Accepting Girls

Girls scouts already had a monopoly outside of every supermarket across America. It’s really hard to say no to a little girl offering you a box of very delicious Samoa cookies to help their cause. But just like anything the male gender is involved in, women wouldn’t stop... read more

Ivana Trump Attacks Melania Trump and Defends Micheal Jackson

In an obvious attempt to stir the pot and move units of her memoir off the shelf, Ivana Trump is calling out Melania and defending Michael Jackson. Saying the current First Lady in the White House has your sloppy seconds is equally as offensive as claiming Michael Jackson... read more

Frankie Muniz Memory Fading

When your body starts to go as you get older, your mind is all you have left to recall the glory days. But what happens when you can’t remember your past and Ryan Gosling isn’t there to remind you of all the beautiful beginnings. read more

Brad Pitt Didn’t Back Down When Weinstein Encroached On Gwyneth Paltrow

When you’re known for giving people pikey poundings on screen, threatening elite sexual favor seekers with a Missouri whooping off screen isn’t too far behind. Brad Pitt saves the day again. read more

Wall Street Wolf Jordan Belfort Owes Feds Huge Check

When any uncle has his hands in your pants you should call the police. But when that Uncle’s name is Sam, the police are on his side.  read more

Angelina Jolie Vs African Warlord

When Angelina Jolie isn't busy rescuing kids from some area in Africa to claim for adoption, she’s busy trying to rid the world of war criminals. What a selfless woman.  read more

Lionel Richie Worried Scott Is Only Soliciting His Disick Services To His Daughter

When Scott Disick isn’t busy going crazy over ex Kourtney dating other men, he’s probably banging Sofia Richie at the dismay of dad Lionel Richie. Scott commandeered the commodores’ daughter and made her call him daddy instead. read more

Kate Beckinsale’s Daughter Dislikes Wearing Tops

Lily just turned 18 this year and it shows. Because everyone knows when you turn 18 it’s time to take the tatas out on the ‘gram as a celebratory right of passage into womanhood. read more

Dana White’s Public Takedown Of Jason Aldean

Dana White is attacking all country singers who refused to perform at his gig. Challenging another persons patriotism over not participating in your personal affairs is peak outrage culture performance. Slow down on the ‘roids. You’re raging really hard. read more

Instagram Model Exposes NFL Coke Coach (VIDEO)

Sin City based Kijuana Nige outed Miami Dolphin’s offensive line coach Chris Foerster as an alleged coke head caught on camera. Doing lines and partying with the loose women of Las Vegas never ends well. But don’t tell that to Chris. read more

Mia Khalifa Has A Heart For Hurricane Victims

When a well known sex worker manages to donate her monthly earnings to help hurricane victims it gives the world a little bit of hope.  read more