Zach Randolph Holding Weight

It's a no-win situation for inner city athletes and entertainers who make it super fucking big. Either they ditch their old hoodlum milieus and they're called sell outs. Or they spend their down time with the Crips and wind up being multi-millionaires involved in 7-Eleven... read more

Britney Spears Stage Rush Thwarted By Hot Oily Abs

Britney Spears stage show at PlanetHollywood answers the age old question, what is there for a middling gay dude or visiting Chinese housewife to do in Vegas for under four hundred dollars.  read more

Chloe Ayling Sex Kidnapping and Serena Williams Cuckolded Baby Daddy on the Last Men on Earth Podcast #96

On this week's Last Men on Earth podcast, with special guest comedian Jessica Winther, we curse a Stalinist Google diversity and inclusion veep, ponder if Usher will be the first person to ever die from herpes, think about Sophie Turner's breasts while she says something,... read more

Utah Has Little Loophole For Naughty Teachers Like Sarah Lewis

Utah is one of those states where you start delving into the consent laws and you find a whole epic amount of weirdness. The Mormon Church plays a big role in the state legislative process, informally obviously, because formally would be illegal . read more

Let Malia Be Malia

Any sane person tries to stay out of the mounting partisan battles of the modern social media age. Some percentage of the population feels a need to define themselves by political party affiliations as if that's a totem of some divine achievement. read more

Chloe Moretz Body Shamed, Trust That It Happened

Chloe Moretz has been reminiscing about that time she was a fifteen year old on a movie set and her male co-star ten years her senior body shamed her. Or more specifically, he told her what kind of girls he prefers to date. read more

Tess Holliday Lays Out Fat Lady Protocols

British super-size me self-described model, Tess Holliday, is helping men in particular to understand the only acceptable ways to interact with overweight women. She wasn't elected, but she is enormous, so who's going to stop her? read more

Usher's Herpes Travails Grow Much Much Bigger

There is nobody who wants their train wreck lineup of one night stands showing up in a whoring minion at a press conference. Double that when they're standing next to Lisa Bloom to sue your ass for herpes.  read more

Mrs. Macron Gets No Euros

The older married teacher who started fucking the freshman boy in her high school class all those years ago wants a salary now that that kid she's still boinking grew up to be the goofy looking President of France. read more

Sinead O'Connor Ran Away to Travelodge (VIDEO)

It's hard poking fun at people with a real mental illness. But I'm going to try my best. read more

Google Excommunicated Its Martin Luther

In 1517, Martin Luther posted his about 95 problems with the Catholic Church with parchment and a nail. In 2017, a Google software engineer posted his dozens of problems with Google's corporate enforced diversity ideology to a Google hangout and was subsequently fired.... read more

Lena Dunham Two Dogs, One Tit

Lena Dunham's breast spilled out of her top while she hauled her two replacement dogs across the sands in the manner of a fisherman hoisting his catch. That's not to assume she's going to consume her new designer dogs. Though she is, with fava beans and a half gallon of... read more