Teen Suicide Coach Sentenced

Back in my day you could tell people to go kill themselves and not have to worry about residual criminal charges being pressed. No one really meant for anyone to actually kill themselves. And we sure as shit didn’t say that to our girlfriends.  read more

Xenia Van Der Woodsen Gives You Wood and Shit Around the Web

  Kim v Kylie: Who wore it better, nude cast members of American Horror Story, and more! read more

Martina "Tini Bikini" Stoessel and Shit Around the Web

Hotties in red hot red swimsuits, nudity in Stephen King movies, and more! read more

MTV Show In Trouble For Dragging Jaws

Point me to the rule book of what animals we care about and which ones we don't. Especially if the outrage is for a shark that would have eaten you if given the chance. read more

Nicole Murphy Knocks 'em Dead and Shit Around the Web

  Ariel Winter booty gallery, Dioni Tabbers & Valerie van der Graaf lezz out, and more! read more

Little Shop Of Horrible Remakes

How does the plant Audrey II and lead actress Rebel Wilson have the same insatiable appetite and both take up three-quarters of any room they walk into. Add Josh Gad to that equation and you're going to need a really wide angle lens.  read more

Sofia Richie Lesbian Vacay and Shit Around the Web

Demi Rose's ravishing rump, Sofia Richie's amazing vacation, and more! read more

PETA Cock Blocking

Typically I'm against PETA. The animal rights activists will randomly ruin anyone's expensive fur coat with low-quality red paint. Joe Montana Parkinson's shakes every time someone mentions them. read more

Bumbums in Boy Shorts and Shit Around the Web

India Westbrooks see-through, Madison Pettis all grown up, and more! read more

Coke Tries To Pull "New Coke" a Second Time

You only get one chance to run a successful marketing ploy. Coke managed to boost its sales exponentially back in '85 by introducing New Coke and then giving in to "popular demand" a few months later to sell suckers Coke Classic. read more

Top Flight Security Turned Felon On First Day

A true crime story from the instant gratification culture of millennials. They need the short version of everything they're involved in, even crime.  read more

Lindsey Morgan Juggy Comic-Con Appearance and Shit Around the Web

WWE Divas vacationing, Paula Bulczynska in see-through lingerie, and more! read more