Phoebe Price And Angelique Morgan Tits And Ass For Dinner

  Coquettish transvestites Phoebe Price and Angelique Morgan graced the sidewalks of West Hollywood while visiting hotspot Craig’s restaurant. You know your restaurant has made it when Price’s ass juices are being absorbed into the chairs.  read more

Phoebe Price And Angelique Morgan Nuclear Clock Nearing Midnight

If reality television were the caste system found in any overpopulated Indian metropolis, these two would be living in dung heaps searching for shiny objects in the teeming open-air landfills. read more

Phoebe Price And Angelique Morgan Are Ruining Another Holiday

These two arthritic super-villains continue to roam the streets of the fair city unabated. Cheap body suits, Daisy Dukes, wigs, and thongs that must certainly smell like bad hummus. Which also smells like good hummus which makes the product extremely confusing. read more

Trump's Deportation Plans Not Yet a Go

Somewhere in the secret documents that couch fainters believe will be driving Trump's Final Solution is a rating system for foreign chicks that either keeps them domestic or puts them on transport back to Ausland. Melania stays. read more

Angelique Morgan Takes Off Her Bikini Top

This French chick has come to symbolize the loose immigration policies of this nation and the ill effects therein. The return of tuberculosis is second, but distant. read more

Angelique Morgan Boob Falls Out

See something say something. This heinous French attention whore needs an ICE case file. Are we a nation if we don't enforce rules on nasty women coming to America reality show fame flashing their tits to young boys on the beach? read more

Angelique Morgan Bikini Yogurt Feeding Time

This is what came to mind during speeches about border protection. How did this French chick get in here and what if she had been Syrian? We're clearly not vetting. There's a job in Hollywood called splashing yogurt on your tits but there's no lack of Americans angling... read more

Angelique Morgan Sinks the Pink

Angelique Morgan is often described as the French Kim Kardashian. Or Kim Kardashian if you could possibly imagine her even more annoying. And less showered. At least she's wearing underpants. That's new for our immigrant population today. Quit scratching your ankle... read more

Phoebe Price And Angelique Morgan Have a Plan

There's nothing more quintessential Hollywood than aging attention whores flashing their tits at paparazzi not there for them. It's like the ghosts of Christmas Present and Future arguing over whose wife is fatter. You're fucking the same woman. These ladies aren't... read more

Angelique Morgan And Ana Braga in Bikinis

There's a social theory that like minded individuals will eventually seek each other out and coalesce into groups. Craigslist has expedited this process with their Metrosexual Males Married to Kendra Wilkinson Seeking Curious Tranny Bottoms Into Tennis personals... read more

The Barbie Doll Couple Just Want Privacy

Some public relations junior put these two long haired blonds together and dubbed them the Barbie Doll couple. Given how Barbie Doll sales are plummeting and soon to become toy relics, this won the all-hands brain storming session in the small conference room. One is the... read more

Angelique Morgan Sneaks Into America Again

Don't we need to find homes for our own former call girls and porn stars and exotic dancers before we start reaching out the olive branch and bringing in the French? Working girls who can't work past thirty are a major social problem. There's something wrong when creepy... read more