April Love Geary Super Tan and Fine And Shit Around The Web

Robin Thicke started dating young model April Love Geary after his wife tossed him for boozing too much and cumming on the masseuse. To his credit, he remains with her to this day. She's almost old enough to drink now. read more

April Love Geary Bikinis In The Virgin Islands And Shit Around The Web

April Love Geary and her tits went to the beach in a bikini. That's Robin Thicke's young model girlfriend. Someday she'll find an achievement surpassing that title. Perhaps. read more

April Love Geary in A Bikini

April Love Geary posted a whole bunch of vacation photos of her tits and ass to remind the world why she gets to have Robin Thicke in his vests laying on top of her each night. It's like a quarterback showing off his college football championship rings after being traded... read more

April Love Geary in a Bikini

Robin Thicke dipped his wick back into the pussy pool pretty quickly after his wife ditched him for grinding the couple's hot masseuse, which to be fair, you have to see coming. This chick graduated high school in the 2010's which along with how good she looks in a... read more

Robin Thicke Still Diving Into This

I'm told by an anonymous uninformed source that the judge ruled the Marvin Gaye family copyright lawsuit over Blurred Lines toward the family in part simply because Robin Thicke was such an uncontained douchebag in statements and testimony. The decision to award the... read more

Robin Thicke Seems Recovered

On the inside, he's a broken man. Deeper on the inside Robin Thicke's now banging this nineteen year old semi-working model, April Love Geary. Many people are calling this revenge. Me and Occam's Razor are calling it an older dude who can pull teen model pussy doing just... read more