Brandi Glanville Craves Attention Too

Now that LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian have their own reality show dedicated to pretending they have better things to talk about than Eddie's ex-wife Brandi Glanville, Brandi felt the telltale publicity sting in her vagina quarters pushing her to get back out in public... read more

Brandi Glanville Couldn't Be More Popular

Brandi Glanville had everything working for at her book signing. Her award winning semi-sober smile. Makeup caked on in all the right spots. Several copies of her book, I'm an Inebriated Whore, Somebody Please Bury Me in the Desert, and tons of cameras and publicity... read more

Brandi Glanville Has a New Book And Genital Warts

Brandi Glanville is dropping a new book just about every week now. That has to be considered highly fucking prolific for a raging alcoholic with a moderate level of intellgence. Which just goes to show, you can get tons of shit done when you're long term unemployed. Put... read more

Brandi Glanville Is The Latest Reality Star To Say Something Dumb

When you see a headline like "Brandi Glanville says she ‘wanted to be molested as a child'", you might get the idea that the reality star admitted that she was molested a long, long time ago and was somehow cool with it. While that would still be incredibly stupid, it's... read more

Brandi Glanville Says Black People Can't Swim

Sometimes it's hard to tell with drunks if they want attention or they just say stupid shit because they're snookered. Last month Brandi Glanville announced that Joanna Krupa's pussy smelled bad. Now, she's drunk again by the pool on whatever stupid fucking show she's on... read more

Brandi Glanville Is Number One

The last time Brandi Glanville went out and got snookered, she ended up stumbling around West Hollywood with her ass exposed and a tampon string hanging out from between her legs. Relative to that, this weekend's sober drinking birthday dinner was relatively tame. At... read more

Brandi Glanville Said Joanna Krupa's Pussy Smells

Girl fights without hair pulling or makeup sex are inherently uninteresting. But sober living challenged Brandi Glanville decided to go the ultimate below the belt blow on fellow Real Housewives cast member Joanna Krupa by saying that she heard from a dude Joanna slept... read more

Brandi Glanville Knows How To Class A Party Up

Brandi Glanville attended the premiere party for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules last night in Hollywood, and for a 40-year old who truly looks her age, she sure knows how to take the attention away from her face. That's not to say she's not an... read more

Mr. T Had A Threeway With Some Real Housewives

At least, I hope that Mr. T had a threeway with Brandi Glanville and another woman, because otherwise he just kind of looked like a tourist asking a couple F-listers for a quick photo yesterday in Beverly Hills. I'm also disappointed in Mr. T that he's wearing a regular... read more

Brandi Glanville Shows Off Her Cleavage At A Bruno Mars Show

Photo Credit: PCN [gallery ids="1485982,1485992,1486002,1486012,1486022,1486032,1486042,1486052,1486062,1486072,1486082"] read more

Brandi Glanville Reminds Us All That We Live in Glass Houses

Brandi Glanville brought out the 'you're not so perfect yourself' cliche on Twitter to defend her drunken, half-naked, tampon string showing stumble around West Hollywood the other night. "When ur PERFECT and make all the right decisions ALL the time, and don't have at... read more

Brandi Glanville Gets Wasted in Her Underpants

Brandi Glanville is the chick who sold a divorce to her husband to Leann Rimes who wanted to marry that guy herself. Just like a country music song. Brandi got a couple million maybe in blood money. And a job on one of those drunken mom reality shows. None of which... read more