Brittney Griner Ain't Paying for No Boyfriend Baby

Brittney Griner wants to know the paternity of the baby juice basted into her ex-wife Glory Johnson during their eleven some hours of blissful marriage. The lesbian WNBA couple, not to be confused with no other kinds of couples in the WNBA, agreed to get Johnson knocked... read more

Glory Johnson Craving The D

WNBA All Star and last person picked on the playground as long as dudes are around Brittney Griner apparently caught her wife of one month texting her ex boyfriend. This led to their divorce and most likely their Bloodsport barbecue brawl and some strap on makeup sex.... read more

WNBA Couple Divorce 28 Days Later

WNBA players Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson have agreed to annul their turbulent 28 day marriage which saw many ups and downs including a week of unseasonable humidity, the cable going out, a fist fight in which they were both arrested, and of course a pregnancy from... read more

WNBA'S First Couple Pregnant

Married couple Glory Johnson and Brittney Griner are taking a break from beating the shit out of each other at family barbecues to welcome a child into the world. Sources close to the situation insist Johnson was not pregnant when she got gut punched by fem Shaq a few... read more

WNBA's First Couple Arrested

Engaged WNBA players Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson were arrested in Phoenix over a domestic dispute after both sustained minor injuries around the 6'4" mark. Britney hhad several small cuts and a bite wound. Johnson was rocking a busted lip. To be fair these injuries... read more

WNBA Gets Less Competitive

It's annoying how NBA players basically blow each other on the court before games these days and whisper about getting drinks later. What happened to the good old days when they race baited each other and went for paralyzing undercuts on the fast break? I've never... read more

Brittney Griner Might Be in the NBA, Or Not.

Mark Cuban says he'd be open to the Dallas Mavericks drafting 6'8" Brittney Griner out of Baylor. Mark Cuban is mostly just an ass. Even though Brittney Griner has been dunking since high school and has dominated the world of women's basketball like almost no other... read more