Carmen Ortega Has a Backup Plan

You may recall Carmen Ortega as the model who tried to get somebody famous in professional sports to knock her up before she gets old and unwanted. That narrows the list of part-time models in Miami down. She's also the girl who got to know the true Justin Bieber by... read more

Carmen Ortega Inspires Justin Bieber to Live For the Now

Carmen Ortega has slept with a good number of athletes, so she knows a thing or two about the human condition. You don't get to ball Reggie Bush and LeBron James and not come away with some insight on the male superstar psyche. Carmen spent 90 minutes with Justin Bieber... read more

Carmen Ortega Models A Thong Bikini For A 138 Water

At this point, the 138 Water people are just grabbing girls with large asses off the street to pose for fifty dollars. This easily could be a single camera guy who put fake label on his Dasani water bottle and has convinced desperate hungry models that it's some new... read more

Carmen Ortega In A Bikini

Carmen Ortega was the model slash escort girl who started banging Reggie Bush when he was dating Kim Kardashian. She also maybe tried to sell a sex tape she made with Reggie, to no avail. Then Reggie dumped her for yet another girl who also looked like Kim Kardashian. If... read more

Carmen Ortega In A Bikini

Only important people get phone calls at the beach. When I'm by the water, I'm usually there with the one or two people who might call me anyhow, so if the phone rings, it's usually somebody with a harsh accent asking where Effram is. If I knew where Effram was, half my... read more

Carmen Ortega Barely in a Bikini

I can't think of any reason to share these brand new pictures of model Carmen Ortega with you. I can't even think of a good reason to explain who she is. You don't care. You're looking at her zippers. Or her enormous jugs. Or both. Men's two greatest attention draws are... read more