War Machine Goes Ba-Bye

I feel like we were just getting to know the real War Machine. The MMA fighter slash adult film stunt cock slash gay private party server slash best boyfriend ever. They just hit him with 32 counts of assault against the porn star girlfriend who really got under his... read more

War Machine Doesn't Process His Feelings Well

It appears War Machine caught porn star girlfriend Christy Mack fucking another dude before he beat the living shit out of her. War Machine is now a fugitive but tweeted some weird shit to Mack from his bunker which suggests that relationships between ex-cons and porn... read more

Christy Mack Hospitalized After Domestic Dispute

Photo Credit: Christy Mack/Instagram [gallery ids="1755052,1755049,1755050,1755041,1755042,1755043,1755044,1755045,1755046,1755047,1755048"] read more

Christy Mack Offers Hummer to Best Lego Builder

If there's two things nerds love, it's Legos and sex with rubberized versions of female vaginas while thinking of that chick from Battlestar Galactica, doesn't matter which one. Imagine the rampage of palm sweat that took place when porn star Christy Mack went on Twitter... read more