Derek Jeter Herpes Circle Of Life

Derek Jeter allegedly has herpes according to anyone who's ever fucked him. The odds he's using a condom with his new bride Hannah Davis are zero. So, she now officially has herpes. That really knocks you down a few pegs, as does looking like a character from Avatar.... read more

Hannah Davis Wallows

Women have been blaming hunger for their mood swings since cavemen came home empty-handed from failed hunts. But even Cro-Magnon knew it was their vaginas. Though that fails to explain why my step-brother is a cunt when he skips breakfast. Hannah Davis is a perky-titter... read more

Hannah Davis And Emily DiDonato Swimsuit Shoot For SI

It's that time of year when Sports Illustrated exploits the H1-B visa program to import Mumbai's finest Photoshoppers for four weeks solid dedicated thigh gap and nipple erasure work. The Swimsuit Edition has gone from a novelty piece to the single most important content... read more

Kendall Jenner Smells Sweet

They have award shows for fragrances. Most all of them are bottled in a factory in Guangdong that slightly modifies each brand with a hint more phosphoglycine or a dash more scent of douche to present a unique formulation. Women purchase fragrances entirely based on... read more

Hannah Davis Dances (VIDEO)

Dance like nobody's watching, but post to Instagram to make sure they all do. Hannah Davis shared her waxed grunions on the cover of Sports Illustrated. The route between SI cover and female lead in cell phone video with a big named athlete finishing on your shoulder is... read more

Hannah Davis In A See Through Top

The see-through tops and grabbing your own tits memes really have turned fashion into something worthwhile of late. There used to be those heroin chic Euro zombies showing off their tops on the runways, but you always left the boy chested leering experience feeling a... read more

Hannah Davis Sexy In White Tees For GQ Magazine

Photo Credit: GQ [gallery ids="1739270,1739271,1739272,1739273,1739274,1739275,1739276,1739277"] read more

Hannah Davis Models Bikinis For Spring Summer 2014 Luli Fama

Photo Credit: Luli Fama [gallery guid=804018] read more

Hannah Davis In A Bikini For S.I. Preview

Sports Illustrated is starting to leak out photos of their annual compendium of airbrushed swimsuit models. The Swimsuit edition used to come out in early February but got pushed back several weeks when somebody called that anonymous stolen software tip line and Adobe... read more