Jenna Jameson Breast Feeding Trump Supporter

There are a hundred times more fake breastfeeding rights moms in Hollywood than there are Trump supporters. Give Jenna Jameson props for being the incredibly rare BOTH. read more

Farrah Abraham And Jenna Jameson Evicted

The selling point of the Big Brother TV show continues to elude me. You gather up disturbed sex workers you'd never want as roommates, pack them all into a fake house, and spy on them except when they're changing because that might be viscerally compelling. In England... read more

Jenna Jameson Is Doing Porn Again For Her Kids

On Sunday night, OWN will air the show "Oprah: Where Are They Now?" so Oprah Winfrey can ask Tori Spelling, Sully Sullenberger and Jenna Jameson about how boring their lives have been since Oprah last interviewed them. Jenna will probably talk about her book and maybe... read more

Jenna Jameson Gave A Hell Of An Awkward Interview To Good Day New York (VIDEO)

Former porn queen Jenna Jameson was a guest on Good Morning New York yesterday to promote her new book, Sugar, and it's safe to say the interview didn't go too well. From her introduction, Jenna just looked completely out of it and sounded like a drunk toddler, and... read more

Jenna Jameson Lost Her $2.7 Million Mansion

While Jenna Jameson was recently off trying to reclaim her porn fame as the headliner of the Exxxotica Expo in New Jersey, the bank was hard at work taking her $2.7 million Hollywood Hills away from her. According to TMZ, Jenna hadn't been living in the mansion for some... read more

Jenna Jameson Headlined The Exxxotica Expo

There was a time when Jenna Jameson was one of the most powerful women in not only the adult film business, but also the entire entertainment industry. Now, though, she's just some lady who fights with her ex-husband over Twitter and shared the bill at the 2013 Exxxotica... read more

Jenna Jameson Was Arrested Before Her Own Birthday Party

If her Twitter account is to be believed, Jenna Jameson had a pretty shitty birthday weekend. The 38-year old was scheduled to celebrate her birthday with friends at the Heat Ultra Lounge in Anaheim, California. Unfortunately, a funny thing happened to the star of... read more

Jenna Jamesons still got it

Jenna Jameson turned 38 yesterday and had a birthday party at Tabu in the MGM Grand in Vegas, and I should probably be used to the way she looks now but it's impossible. It's like she's dying from 10 diseases at once. Old Jenna Jameson was fantastic, and cute even ... read more

everything is all better now

Earlier this year, Jenna Jameson stood in front of reporters and accused Tito Ortiz of beating her up, even claiming he threw her into a bathtub and tore ligaments in her shoulder, but that was almost 2 weeks ago, and there's no point in living in the past, so yesterday... read more

I hope the ambulance crashes

Lying drama-queen Jenna Jameson was taken away in an ambulance last night, strapped down in a stretcher by an army of paramedics and then rushed to safety, because someone else had a tummy ache. Jenna was fine. There was nothing wrong with her. There was nothing wrong... read more

jenna jameson says she was just kidding

Two days ago Jenna Jameson claimed that Tito Ortiz, "threw me into the bathtub and tore two ligaments in my shoulder." But now she says the rumors that Tito Ortiz assaulted her are being distorted. One person even claimed Tito threw Jenna into the bathtub and tore two... read more

joslyn james says tito ortiz beat up jenna jameson

It's been hard to know who is telling the truth in the whole Jenna Jameson - Tito Ortiz domestic abuse story. On one hand, you have Tito, who has spent a lifetime learning how to inflict maximum damage to the human body with ruthless efficiency. On the other hand, you... read more