Porn Stars Do It In the Vrischikasana

The porn star job has one strict requirement. Flexibility. As it applies to every single element of your life. read more

Porn Stars Back on the Beach

If you're a champion of pornography rights under the guise of civil rights, you're a liar. But you've signed up for a solid cause. Women who fuck on camera for their 9 to 5 are people too. The men, not so much.  read more

Kate England Up to Something

As a general rule, never trust a woman who fucks on camera for a living. It's a dirty job in a horrific industry that requires a thick skin and tons of survival mode instincts. When you see a porn star taking herself to the beach thrice a week but never acquiring any... read more

There's a Porn Chick In My Pool

There are no real porn stars anymore. Digital technology has made every chick willing to take spunk to the face a name of some sort. When cameras and crew and cocaine had to be secured for a video shoot, producers had to be more selective in their casting. Though among... read more

Kate England Wardrobe Malfunction

It's still unclear the ultimate motive of the porn stars down in Miami revealing themselves by day in the park and by night exiting vehicles in sheer tiny dresses with no undergarments. read more

Kate England No Panties For Night Out

Those shots of Kate England and her porn star friends conducting yoga sessions in the park and visiting grocery stores to purchase Raisin Bran are merely a ruse. You can take the double anal penetrated actress out of porn, but you can't take the porn out of the actress. read more

Kate England And Saya Song Porn Star Yoga

It's going to take a shit ton of historical perspective to determine if letting our porn stars out in the daylight was a good idea or not. A thousand years from now it'll either be discussed as the birth of third wave enlightenment or the genesis of this horrible crusty... read more

Adult Star Kate England Nip Slip On Complete Accident

It's dicey to call a wardrobe malfunction on a porn star. Those benevolent craftspeople who conduct their business on the couches of rented homes in the San Fernando Valley have made a concerted to be more visible in the public square. read more

Kate England in A Bikini

Can you be friends with a woman you've seen butt-fucked seventy-three times on camera? Gaping for a living seems less troubling than a woman who consumes self-help non-fiction. If adult film acting credentials were the sole factor by which you chose female friends... read more

Porn Star Kate England in A Bikini

Some guy who has a much better job than you do spent an inordinate amount of time breaking down every single bit of porn footage in the Western world to start building profiles of typical porn actresses. The biggest revelation: chicks with blond hair and bit tits were... read more

Kate England Bare Upskirt

The 24x7 social media culture has put a shit ton of pressure on porn stars. They used to fuck eight hours a day under spotlights in shipping containers or empty real estate listings then pull a nondescript pair of pants on over their ice packed orifices and fade off... read more