The Fate of the Furious Sends a Message

There are two seasons in the movie business. Masturbate to aren't we artistically diverse time, and make money time. April through August is unadulterated cash money time. Also known as the time of movies people want to see without being told why it's important they do... read more

Katherine Heigl Will Apologize for Work

Katherine Heigl has rescinded her initial criticism of Judd Apatow's Knocked Up which came out eight years ago. Heigl previously called the movie sexist; It paints the women as shrews, as humorless and uptight, and it paints the men as lovable, goofy, fun-loving guys...... read more

Katherine Heigl's Flat Ass And Shit Around The Web

Katherine Hegil has no tits, a weird body, and the flattest ass in Hollywood. This has made her enduringly popular for female viewers and men who like to beat off to thoughts of that guy on the swim team who made them feel funny. Judge her ass for yourself. (Drunken... read more

Katherine Heigl Isn't A Bitch Says Katherine Heigl And Shit Around The Web

Notorious bitch Katherine Heigl says she isn't really a bitch even though she's acted like a bitch a lot in the past. Never mind that no one wants to work with her because she's such a C.U.N.T cunt. Read all about how no one understands poor Katherine? (Dlisted) Iggy... read more

Katherine Heigl Too Good To Be Hired

In a pretentious new interview, Katherine Heigl says she left Hollywood for Utah because she wanted her family of adopted international babies to come first. Her explanation is in slight contrast to what everybody else in Hollywood believes is Heigl taking flight after... read more

Katherine Heigl Is Too Important to Be Captured

Katherine Heigl is suing the Duane Reade chain of pharmacies for precisely six million dollars. It seems that she was leaving one of their stores in New York when a pap shot a picture of her carrying lots of Duane Reade bags. For some stupid reason the pharmacy decided... read more

I Can Almost See What Katherine Heigl Had for Dinner Last Night

Everybody talks about Katherine Heigl like she's some uptight, annoying, precious Hollywood actress. Nobody thinks about her as an uptight, annoying, precious Hollywood actress with a big white girl booty. A couple more outings in a dress like that and that'll all... read more

Katherine Heigl kept Mothers Day classy

The picture agency said that Katherine Heigl and her husband and her adopted daughter Naleigh all went to Katherines moms house for Mothers Day yesterday, so either that's Naleigh with the nanny, or else Katherine has a baby inside that white bag. Let's hope for the... read more

Katherine Heigl is glamourous

Hollywood sex symbol Katherine Heigl ran some errands around West LA yesterday, and I never realized how much she looks like a friend of mine. His name is Alex. This is how he dressed in 1998. He doesn't have that ridiculous haircut anymore or those freshly cut-off Duck... read more

Katherine Heigl is weird looking

These pictures of Katherine Heigl having lunch with a friend yesterday in LA aren't especially noteworthy, unless you have a forehead fetish, in which case they should be considered hard core pornography. (source = fame) [gallery guid=808002] read more

Katherine Heigl is in a bikini

Katherine Heigl and her big tits and her cigarettes and her husband Josh Kelley were all in Miami this weekend, and, years from now, these might be remembered as the definitive Katherine Heigl pictures. This all by itself is almost everything you need to know about her.... read more

Katherine Heigl has still got it

It was incredibly admirable when Katherine Heigl pledged $1,000,000 to various animal charities around LA last week, and it really made me reconsider her awful reputation, but that was over 4 days ago, and you know what she's done since? Nothin. A big fat nothin. And... read more