Kevin Smith Troll Trap

Every reasonably smart person on social media promises they're going to ignore the trolls, until they don't. The bait is too fucking powerful. It's like pussy, or whatever mostly fat people like even more than pussy. So cake and pussy. read more

Ben Affleck Jelly Spine And Shit Around The Web

Kevin Smith revealed that his bromance with vagina-chinned Ben Affleck ended because Jennifer Garner thinks Smith is a foul mouthed fat stoner piece of shit. It's unclear if she had problems with parts of that or all of that. More importantly, this is another tale in the... read more

Jon Lovitz called President Obama a "fucking asshole"

Former "Saturday Night Live" star Jon Lovitz called President Obama "a fucking asshole" among other things during a podcast with Kevin Smith, because of a tax system where 10 percent of the population pays 70 percent of the income tax (and 1 percent pays almost 40), yet... read more

kevin smith is too fat to fly on southwest

As you already know if you saw his hundreds of tweets or heard his podcast, Kevin Smith boarded a Southwest flight Saturday from Oakland to Burbank, took his seat, and then was approached by a flight attendant. She asked about his weight and wanted to know if he fit... read more


Kevin Smith won his appeal today to lower the rating for his comedy "Zack and Miri Make a Porno" from NC-17 to an R.  Yahoo says…"We didn't set out to make an NC-17 film. That's just commercial suicide," Smith told The Associated Press.The NC-17 rating would have... read more