Water So Good, You'll Want to Pour It Over Your Tits

I still don't know who the hell Keyara is or who believes that 138 Water is a legit company, but they just keep on scooping up girls and doing photo shoots by the beach, the hills, the G-3 bottom level of parking garages where even grown men feel like they're going to be... read more

Keyara Double Fisting

This Keyara chick may be the first girl to survive the 138 Water Satanic cult. She must have some kind of special powers designed to ward off celebrity stalkers. Like a rape whistle. Or not being a celebrity. Or maybe it's reverse polarity of her power sized tits that... read more

Keyara in a Bikini

I have no fucking clue who this girl is. Even my Internet investigative prowess was stymied by her lack of picking a fake model name that got any SEO traction. It doesn't matter anyway. The 138 Water folks got her and she's probably already serving as a nutritient source... read more