Lorde Autoimmune Disease Apology For Cyberbullying Justice

Elevated Hot Topics cashier Lorde publicly apologized for comments she made comparing Taylor Swift's fame to an autoimmune disease. A moment of clarity for those suspecting Swift was an autoimmune disease all along. read more

Nick Jonas Using Lorde As A Beard And Shit Around The Web

Nick Jonas is pretending he's straight again by having himself photographed leaving places with Kiwi singer Lorde. It's 2016, you can totally be a dude who loves dudes and no one gives a shit, least of all the leather jackets you're using to compensate. Live your truth,... read more

Jennifer Lawrence Nipples Make Us All Sex Offenders

I was with Jennifer Lawrence when she labeled everybody sex criminals for whacking to her hacked photos. It seemed harsh, but backing her felt like I was finally striking a blow for sexism. Also, my best chance to get laid. Peeking into her dress top to stare at her tits... read more

Lorde Takes a Spill

I remember being a teenager and looking at some 30-something and thinking, you don't get me, you don't get us, you're time is passed, old man. I didn't really think like a cheaply written multicultural gang member in the movies, but we had our own definition of cool and... read more

Lorde Disses Crazy Disney Bitches

Probable one-hit-wonder Lorde took a swipe at the teen creatures manufactured in the Disney star machine. In an interview with GQ she was asked if she worried about getting famous at such a young age. She said that because she wasn't raised by some fame hungry stage mom... read more