Holly Holm Has a New Movie (VIDEO)

Fresh off face kicking Corky to the mat to take the UFC title, Holly Holm has a new movie coming out. Fight Valley. It's about bare knuckle brawling chicks who get super bloody, make-out, then cry about children and relationships because even butch dykes can't escape... read more

Miesha Tate In Shape

UFC fighter Miesha Tate posted a photo of her ass to Instagram most likely out of boredom or insecurity or possibly a keen flare for self promotion. Don't get your hopes up she's banging a cauliflower eared psycho named Mike Caraway. The type of guy who breaks pool cues... read more

Miesha Tate In A Bikini for a Vegas Pool Party

Miesha Tate has the same problem I had coming up, for all my awesomeness, there was this one girl who always had my number. Miesha has Ronda Rousey. I had Tara, the exaggeratedly overdeveloped grade school brute.  I liked to think Tara had it out for me because she... read more

Miesha Tate Poses In A Bikini For The December Issue Of Fitness Gurls Magazine

Photo Credit: Fitness Gurls Magazine [gallery guid=804773] read more