Cory Booker In Love With Mindy Kaling

New Jersey Senator Cory Booker is in the bullpen for next time the illuminati need a black guy. He's from Newark, the most crime ridden city in America. He's really into putting cameras everywhere to catch the bad guys.  read more

Gender Wage Gap in TV Reaches Alarming Non-Existent Levels

Discussing anything television money starts and ends with everybody on The Big Bang Theory making $20 million plus per season. If you can wrap your mind around a cookie cutter laugh track sitcom dulling American brains week after week to being the most watched show on... read more

Mindy Kaling Is A Hero

Mindy Kaling is a hero. She wore a corset, Spanx, lots of makeup, and high heels to a recent award ceremony. Because she's a proud and strong woman who shirks society's unrealistic expectations about physical appearance. To resolve these dissonant identities, she posted... read more

Mindy Kaling's Brother An Ass

Mindy Kaling's frat boy brother, Vijay Chokal-Ingam, pretended to be black in order to get into med-school. He shaved his head, trimmed his eyelashes, changed his name to Jojo, and refused to ever watch hockey. Vijay claims to have an ethical beef with the affirmative... read more

Mindy Kaling Confused for Nobel Prize Winner

Mindy Kaling was mistaken by an old drunk guy at a swank party for that 17-year old Pakistani girl who just won the Nobel Peace Prize for being shot in the head by the Taliban. You can only imagine the sickening feeling when some staggering geezer tells you you're his... read more

The Mindy Project Gets Anal

Fox's The Mindy Project made unnecessary and dull sitcom history by airing the first ever network episode about anal sex. The episodes title, "I slipped", implies that her feckless Ob/Gyn boyfriend attempted to corn hole her without warning, which predictably irritated a... read more

Mindy Kaling Looks Like Death Warmed Over

Maybe she got some tainted airplane food or slept inside a nuclear reactor, but Mindy Kaling of The Office did not look healthy walking through LAX. So don't be surprised if you start hearing about pockets of zombie-like attacks breaking out around the country and her... read more