Miranda Lambert In A Bikini

Fuck, there go the Miranda Lambert fatty jokes she claims she never reads in the tabloids though responds with exclamation points to every single one of them on social media. She was particularly pissed when people claimed the jiggly pounds she dropped recently was due... read more

Miranda Lambert Isn't Pregnant, She's Fat

"I'm not pregnant. I just got fat over the holidays. Just a couple of cheeseburgers extra." -- Miranda Lambert I'm going to call that true, false, false. Nobody gets fat from two extra cheeseburgers over the holidays. And, what holiday exactly? She said this at the end... read more

take notes Chris Brown

Rihanna has apparently let Chris Brown off the hook for punching her in the face until she blacked out, but clearly other big stars aren't so forgiving fucking retarded. Like Miranda Lambert, who held up this sign during a concert and then sang 'Gunpowder and Lead,'... read more