Nicole Richie Seems Composed

Nicole Richie celebrated the replacement of her last natural body part over the weekend with a fancy no-food party at Bloomingdales. It saddens me that women ever feel the need scalpel and inject and Scented Magic Marker themselves into unrecognizable collagen... read more

Katy Perry Is Just Full Of Crazy Ideas

Just when you think that Katy Perry is completely out of ways to prove how zany and unique she is, she does something that just blows our minds. Last night, she joined Nicole Richie and others in supporting Marianne Williamson, an independent candidate for Congress, at... read more

Art Basel Is the Perfect Place to Feel Important

Art Basel is the new annual celebrity proving ground for sophistication credentials. It's in Miami which means the beach and the better cocaine, so it's kind of the perfect place for Hollywood intelligentsia to head in December to prove their more enlightened than... read more

Nicole Richie In A See Through Top At A Beach Party In Malibu

Photo Credit: FameFlynet [gallery guid=805241] read more

Nicole Richie In A Gold Bikini

If you ran a Body Mass Index on Nicole Richie, it would come back with a score of 'eat some fucking food already'. I say that lovingly. I don't want to see somebody claimed by anorexia and then I become like my aunt who tells the Karen Carpenter story over and over... read more

Nicole Richie Weighs Less Than You Think, If You're Thinking 100 Lbs

Nicole Richie, whoever sunk your battleship and made you stop eating, just let it go. You're married, you've got kids. This is the time to pack on a few fat rings. I'm sorry your dad sold you to Lionel Richie for six bucks and a bus transfer. Eat a god damn sandwich... read more

Nicole Richie's Boobs Look Like a Magnet

Blurry Nicole Richie is kind of hot. If I could keep her a little out of focus, maybe bring up the NFL on Fox bumper music every time she said something stupid about skin care or her gays. That Nicole Richie could be my girlfriend. We'd have to do something with the kid... read more

How Are You Not Watching Nicole Richie on AOL?

Don't let it be because you haven't had an AOL account since your last free trial disk ran out of hours in 1998. You are truly missing one special bit of Twitter inspired reality television programming. Like the latest episode: Nicole Richie visits her hairstylist Andy... read more

Nicole Richie Gets Candid, You Get Educated

If you're like me, then you too have been wondering how the hell you can get a little more Nicole Richie in your life. Our wait is over, my friend. #CandidlyNicole is here. The web show based on the uproarious Nicole Richie Twitter feed. It was only a matter of time... read more

Nicole Richie Has Cleaned Up Boobs

I'm not sure what Nicole Richie does, but since she stopped snorting so much blow with her former 'school' friend Paris Hilton, she seems to be much more put together when doing it. I guess you only have so many rails in your life before you realize it's time to either... read more

since when does Nicole Richie look good in a bikini?

I have no idea when this happened, but Nicole Richie actually exceeded all expectations yesterday at a hotel pool on South Beach. The girl put on about 15 pounds, and for the first and last time ever, I'm saying that as a compliment. Is she still ugly? Yes. And how. But... read more

I think Im in love

Nicole Richie was in Miami yesterday, in a bikini at her hotels pool, and the bad news is her entire body. It's every bit as unpleasant and androgynous as you remember it being. The good news is her face. Because she looks like a cartoon chicken, and cartoons are funny,... read more