Amber Heard Waterlogged Cleavage and Shit Around the Web

Gabrielle Caunesil, Petra Nemcova, and more! read more

Petra Nemcova Does The Bikini Pin-up Thing And Shit Around The Web

Professional hot person Petra Nemcova wore an old timey style pin-up girl bikini in Cannes. She probably looks like a gal your grandpa had on the nose of his B52 in WWII only, you know, fuckable. read more

Bill Clinton Smarter Than You Thought

Politically aligned or not, We all assumed Bill Clinton was some kind of Jed Clampett country bumpkin. This shamelessly sinister dude has been raking in the dough and the snatch like an urban gangster since he left office fifteen years ago. The latest tale of New Jack... read more

Petra Nemcova Before and After

Petra Nemcova wants to show you how her un-Photoshopped lingerie pictures look so she posted a photo of herself unvarnished (on the left) next to the one that ultimately made it into the Ultimo lingerie catalog. If this were a real empty celebrity feminist plea to stop... read more

Petra Nemcova Is Braless

Everybody hot is selling something during Fashion Week. Petra Nemcova is selling candles by way of her tits which were contained in her dress by the barest of margins. I'm not sure what it is about scented candles that drive people to whip out their credit cards. Oh,... read more

friday afternoon headlines

ORLANDO BLOOM AND MIRANDA KERR - had a boy. And I bet that handsome bastard has already gotten more pussy than I have this year. (us) LINDSAY LOHAN - has been handed a $135,000 Range Rover Onyx, to borrow "for an undisclosed length of time", by a Beverly Hills dealer.... read more

afternoon headlines

RUBINA ALI - police in India have found no evidence that her father tried to sell the “Slumdog Millionaire” actress for $400,000.  Wait I thought it was 300,000?  See, this is why you always bring the coupon when buying Indian kids.   (source = the AP)BRITNEY SPEARS -... read more


Petra Nemcova can actually be somewhat attractive, as long as you look at someone else and pretend that other person is Petra Nemcova.  Or if she wears a dress that barely covers her boobs.  Don’t get me wrong, I think chipmunks are as cute as the next little girl does,... read more


Today is boring, and that can lead to only one thing : HARDCORE NUDITY!  In this case, new pictures from an event first mentioned on here over a year ago (link), namely ugly supermodel Petra Nemcova topless except for paint at some weirdos fashion show.  Below are the new... read more


If you ever wanted to see a flat chested chipmunks boob almost fall out of her shirt, the good news is today is your lucky day, the bad news is you're a fucking weirdo.  Go here and here.  Pervert. [gallery ids="5650,5651"] read more


Such a cruel irony that gay dudes run the fashion industry and therefore the fashion models, yet have no idea what to do with them once they're naked.  Who the hell is this for?  Navajos?  You want a hot fashion show, you should let high school jocks and the staff at... read more


Inexplicably successful model Petra Nemcova is pretty much a staple on the red carpet and club scene, so she always ends up in these tabloid stories.  I have no idea why.  She's ugly as hell and she dates morons who are equally untalented and goofy looking.  Case in... read more