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Halsey spends lavishly, DVD & Blu-ray nudity, and more! read more

Ohai Rachel McAdams

The photo agency for this said, "Rachel McAdams leaves little to the imagination in a revealing dress as she gets into her car after dinner in London," but it's hard to confirm that because that fat lady next to her is really distracting. It's like she's never seen a... read more

rachel mcadams is adorable

'Sherlock Holmes' had it's American premiere last night in New York, and star Rachel McAdams showed that she's as hot now as she was when her supporting role in 'Mean Girls' made her famous. Meanwhile over in LA, Lindsay Lohan, who was the actual star of 'Mean Girls',... read more


It's been rumored for months but official become officialer when Ryan Gossling confirmed for the first time in this months GQ that he and Rachel McAdams have broken up.  And what brilliant witticisms does this chappy have to offer:Gosling, who has been mum about the split... read more

RACHEL MCADAMS IS GETTING MARRIED? says that Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling are planning a secret wedding, and it may happen as soon as this summer.  The two have been dating for almost 3 years.  Us says:A source close to McAdams tells Us Weekly, "They're madly in love and plan on getting married... read more