Rachel Uchitel's Ex Arrested for Wishing Her Dead

I know you can't kill somebody, but wishing them dead seems like it falls under the auspices of something we all agreed was asshole behavior but not criminal. Rachel Uchitel, The high end party girl who helped Tiger Woods plan a lot of his one on one escort fuck parties... read more

Rachel Uchitel is glad her fiance died on 9/11

Long before she helped ruin Tiger Woods marriage, Rachel Uchitel was engaged to an investment banker who was killed during the attacks on 9/11. But don't feel too bad for her, because as she explains in a New York Post interview that comes out tomorrow, dead fiances... read more

Elin Nordegren has done her first and last interview

Elin Nordegren hasn't said a word to the press since it was revealed that her husband Tiger Woods would stick his dick in a beehive if he saw one in a club, but Friday People magazine will publish Elins first - and last, according to her - interview, given over 4 days in... read more

rachel uchitel is posing for playboy

Rachel Uchitel got famous by sleeping with other peoples husbands, so you'd think she'd be flattered to pose for Playboy. Playmates are some of the finest people to ever live, and she should be honored to be in their company. All of us should be really. So she said yes... read more

rachel uchitel is rich

Rachel Uchitel was the first girl outed for having an affair with Tiger Woods, and even though over a dozen girls have made similar claims since, by most accounts Rachel was the most serious. And yet she's been the only one to shy away from the press, the only one who... read more

tiger woods is still hittin this

Tiger Woods hasn't been seen in public for almost a month, essentially in hiding since the National Enquirer broke the story on Thanksgiving day that he was cheating on his wife with Rachel Uchitel. The good news is he's been spending that time working on his... read more

tiger woods might have cheated again this weekend

For the first few days after the story broke, Rachel Uchitel was still denying having an affair with Tiger Woods. When asked why she was so often in the same place at the same time as Tiger, she always had a convenient excuse. Just as she no doubt will for why she and... read more

rachel uchitel is a heartbreaker

Elin Nordegrens nemesis Rachel Uchitel worked out this morning in New York, and I just can't find it in me to stay mad at her. How can you not love her? She's a successful business woman, she's slutty, she's tan, and she got implants that would look huge even if they... read more

tiger woods may have secret kids and a sex tape

Last week the National Enquirer broke the story that Tiger Woods was cheating on his wife which began the sex scandal that has dominated headlines ever since.  So it can't be good when they're the ones saying that the worst has yet to come. A disgraced Tiger Woods is... read more

tigers whores are upset about the other whores

It was little more than a week ago that the National Enquirer broke the story that Tiger Woods was having an affair with Rachel Uchitel, but since then 4 other girls have been linked to Woods, and it's starting to make Uchitel wonder if Tiger is really committed to their... read more

rachel uchitel seems friendly

These pictures of homewrecker Rachel Uchitel, taken last summer in Malibu, presumably a few hours before getting Dorffed, show this young lady in a whole new light. Some girls are all stuck up and when you go to the beach they won't let you rub their breasts or stab at... read more

tiger woods got high for sex

This story is kind of disappointing considering it starts out by saying that Tiger Woods and his girlfriend would have sex while high on drugs, so if you tell anyone about it later you should embellish it with a bunch of lies to jazz it up. Radar says... Uchitel told... read more