Rose McGowan Surrenders to Cops

In a twist not at all ironic, Rose McGowan turned herself into the police on outstanding charges. She's been fighting for this very thing to happen to Harvey Weinstein since she first broke her paid-NDA and declared him her rapist.  read more

Taylor Swift Sig Heils and Rose McGowan Heroism Non Pareil on the Last Men on Earth Podcast #109

On this week's Last Men on Earth Podcast, we broke new ground on the Rose McGowan as classic heroine argument, supportTaylor Swift against charges of pop Naziism followed by supporting Larry David's concentration camp humor, draw straws to see who shall speak at Lamar... read more

Alec Baldwin Bullied Off Twitter After Victim Blaming

You’re behind the times if you believe women should be held accountable when trading sexual favors for career opportunities. When you mix Weinsten currently being rape culture’s poster child with celebrities who can’t keep quiet someone is bound to get kicked off or quit... read more

Rose McGowan Coincidentally Has a New Book

McGowan's book will detail her travails and trials in Hollywood, revealing the industry as a sewage pit of egos, exploitation, and sexual deviancy. Certainly enough to tantalize a subsidiary of NewsCorp to take on the publishing of the book. read more

Rose McGowan On The Run, Felony Arrest Warrant

Rose McGowan says an arrest warrant for having traces of a controlled substance in her luggage is clearly the powers that be trying to silence her. Maybe Weinstein forgot to drop the roofy in your drink and dropped it in your luggage. read more

Allreds Working Both Sides of the Weinstein Rape Racket

Capitalism rewards the cunning and shameful. Also people who can invent anything that teen girls believe they need to fit in.  read more

One, Two, Rose McGowan Is Coming For You

Rose McGowan has been waiting for this moment her entire adult life. Transitioning from that crazy lady screaming at the bus stop about Area 51 anal probing to the toast of the town when Area 51 documents concede there might be a little anal probing. read more

James Corden Called 'Shameful Pig' For Weinstein Jokes at AIDS Gala (VIDEO)

Corden let his joke writers take a stab at a couple Weinstein jokes to warm up the six-figure AIDS charity check writing audience. See how that went. read more

Rose McGowan Social Media Anti-Molestation Martyr

Women are really standing behind Rose with #WomenBoycottTwitter. And we all know how well hashtag activism works when it comes to serious issues like allegations of silencing free speech. Your cause isn’t reaching Capitol Hill if you feel actual protesting can be done... read more

Chrissy Teigen, Other Celebs Join #WomenBoycottTwitter Festivities

Chrissy Teigen has come out as anti-rape - a brave stance that even some rapists probably agree with - and is championing the anti-violence against women revolution by boycotting Twitter for an entire day. "Sacrifice" doesn't do this justice. "Slightly inconvenienced"... read more

Ben Affleck Titty Twister of Hilarie Burton Bubbles to the Surface

Every man exists somewhere on the scale of skeevy male behavior. From one to ten. Maybe you see yourself on the bottom end. You're not a zero. No man is or we wouldn't have seven billion people on this planet. read more

Rose McGowan Finally Books a Gig (VIDEO)

Gender doesn't matter, until it does and decides Presidential elections. The lowest common denominator election in anybody alive's lifetime is about to be settled on a definitively gender basis. A new CNN map showed how if only men voted, Trump would take most every... read more