Scott Disick Already Tired of 19 Year Old

 It’s hard to take anyone serious who looks like they’ve purchased one-ply toilet paper their entire lives but Blac Chyna’s ex-boyfriend has taken time out of his busy failing rap career to talk about Scott Disick’s alleged infidelity. Tyga stumbled across Scott’s online... read more

Lionel Richie Worried Scott Is Only Soliciting His Disick Services To His Daughter

When Scott Disick isn’t busy going crazy over ex Kourtney dating other men, he’s probably banging Sofia Richie at the dismay of dad Lionel Richie. Scott commandeered the commodores’ daughter and made her call him daddy instead. read more

Scott Disick Now Banging Nicole Richie's Younger Sister

I’m not sure who’s more at fault for this relationship. Scott for not giving dating a break to heal himself. Or Sofia for dating someone closer to her dad’s age. read more

Scott Disick Takes a Page From Kayne, Breaks Down

This is a lesson to learn for anyone taking the Kardashians lightly. They're not real celebrities. All of them are famous for doing absolutely nothing. There are forces beyond his control working in the background. Hang in there, buddy. read more

Bella Thorne Working That Disick

At only nineteen years old Bella Thorne has learned that the key to winning the hearts of Americans is fake fucking a Kardashian tangental douchebag. America's Busted Sweetheart was randomly caught by the paps holding hands with Scott Disick while leaving 1 OAK Nightclub... read more

Sex Addiction Once Again Seems Awesome

The term 'sex addict' has come up again as if it's a real thing thanks to Scott Disick mansplaining to his thrice baby mama that it's the reason he can't stop banging girls. The rest of humanity has yet to put a name to their very same behavior. read more

Scott Disick, Sex Addict

It's best to start the conversation over male sex addiction by everybody admitting it's a bullshit medical diagnosis. A disease can't only exist for famous wealthy men with access to ambitious models. read more

Scott Disick Minimalist Money Monster

It's an uncommon man who literally fucks his way into money. Ski bum Scott Disick worked his dick into a Kardashian and came out on the other end with several million in the bank. Opportunistic men used to have to bathe old ladies in the tub for this level uptick in... read more

Scott Disick Humble Stalking

This isn't a good message to send to your bastard kids. Remember when mommy and daddy used to fuck in the ocean? We just sat the down and told them daddy died fighting ISIS to keep America safe from Muslims. Scott Disick sent this seven year old photo in a birthday... read more

Carlton Calls Out Disick

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air co-star and Dancing with the Stars champion, Alfonso Ribeiro, called out Scott Disick, for not being a star. This came in response to Disick asking for half a million to be on DWTS. The last episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air aired in... read more

Kardashians Paying Scott Disick $20 Million to STFU

In the category of biggest winning loser, not many can compete with Scott Disick. This lounge-about drunk has done nothing with his life but fuck and vacation his way into some serious cash. It's a great gig if you can get it. Disick earned upwards of fifteen million... read more

Scott Disick Banging 18-Year Old Lindsay Vrckovnik

There are any number of ways to get over a breakup. But nothing's proven more effective than fucking the living tar out of a Canadian model just out of high school. There's getting back on the wagon and then there's pounding your cock into every orifice of that wagon... read more