Sophie Turner Is Popular, Therefore, She Works

Sophie Turner has broken the first rule of Hollywood. She's being honest. It's refreshing even if her alarming confession is hardly news.  read more

Sansa Stark Securing Roles with Social Media

Your followers on social media will never amount to anything is something that gets said a lot. But having a legion of the mindlessly loyal could be the reason you end up on tv. read more

Lindsey Morgan Juggy Comic-Con Appearance and Shit Around the Web

WWE Divas vacationing, Paula Bulczynska in see-through lingerie, and more! read more

Hooters Girls Flaunt It and Shit Around the Web

Blac Chyna climbs the pole, a girl loses her bikini on a bull, and more! read more

Sophie Turner Learned Oral Sex From Game Of Thrones

Sophie Turner opens up to The Times about learning about oral sex from her Game of Thrones script. She was thirteen at the time. An age when a girl is either planning out an Easy Bake Oven feast in her Elsa costume or dancing on pool tables for her abortion fund. The... read more

Sansa Stark Didn't Use N-Word (VIDEO)

Sophie Turner, most famous for portraying Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones, didn't use the N-word in a new video circulating the Internet. According to Turner. According to reality, she didn't either. But the media needs for rich white celebrities to use the N-word.... read more

Sophie Turner Working Hard

Premium cable shows have figured out the formula for success in an era of declining TV viewership. You hire people who can really act to play the important parts and you cast a bunch of random good looking people for tons of nude scenes. read more

Sophie Turner Arrested For Domestic Violence

Apparently, it's illegal to beat up your husband because he's pissed you took off your wedding ring and spent the night in Jeremy Piven's hotel room. Sophie Turner isn't the first hot model to pretend she's single. Women might love to hear other women talk about how... read more

Sophie Turner Has a Spectacular Wooty

I'm not sure how a while girl gets such an amazing ass. It could be workouts, it could be genetics, it could be the tug of the moons that orbit Jupiter. Ours is not reason why. But, what is our government working on that is so important they can't get one of these for... read more

poor Sophie Turner :(

Sophie Turner looked a little gloomy yesterday on the beach in Sydney, maybe because you can't walk 10 feet in Australia without tripping over some physically perfect sex machine. Here she gets tons of attention but down there, I don't know of Australia has kids who... read more

Sophie Turner won Halloween

Australian model Sophie Turner had Hollywoods best Halloween costume this weekend when she went to a party dressed up as, "Girl I Might Seriously Rape". (source = pacific coast news) [gallery... read more

monday morning headlines

ROMAN POLANSKI - will not be extradited by the Swiss to the US. He of course was convicted in 1977 of drugging a 13-year-old model and fucking her in the ass, but he fled the country and has never served a day in jail. Well maybe I'll just go over there and fuck some of... read more