Josephine Skriver Fit as a Fiddle and Shit Around the Web

October 27, 2017 | crap around the web | Robert Paulsen| 0 Comments

Shimmering bikini bodies, Victoria’s Secret Angels, and more!


The Fine Art of Subtly Is Lost on The Russians

March 8, 2017 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen| 0 Comments

Nadeea Volianova has been dragging around Hollywood for a couple or three years now. She claims to be a Russian pop star. That’s the best part about moving halfway around the world. You can makeup a backstory for yourself that’s nearly impossible to discount. 


Nadeaa Volianova Most Inspired by the Sony Email Hack

December 25, 2014 | bikini | Lex Jurgen| 0 Comments

A French Russian chick who once modeled has used her own body as a protest board about the Sony email hack. The massive cultural unrest created by the smarmy emails between Sony executives and Hollywood producers has inspired the underemployed wing of the creative community to spray paint slogans on their tits and ass. This chick went […]