Aaron Carter Shares HIV Test Results On Television

Carter was apparently shocked when he realized he was looking into a mirror and not watching a deleted scene from The Walking Dead deemed too gruesome for basic cable. Instead of going to the hospital to deal with that mess, he booked the only show that would have him.... read more

Jesse Pinkman Gay Club Breakdown

Aaron Carter's highway to mental breakdown is being punctuated with various diversions before he eventually points those Second Amendment rights at himself. Carter recently announced that he puts the B in LGBT - B meaning Batshit crazy - and last night performed at a gay... read more

Aaron Carter Bi-Something

Aaron Carter is rewriting his single That's How I Beat Shaq to That's How I Beat Off Shaq with a new bisexual confession that marginally peaked the interest of the Internet for four minutes. After a recent string of erratic behavior, I'm not doubting that Carter is bi...... read more

Aaron Carter Doing Well

Pop sensation Aaron Carter was doing his updated version of Aaron's Party - drinking, smoking weed, and driving with a prostitute girlfriend - when he was slapped with a DUI by the Habersham County, GA police. He was also charged with possession of Marijuana. Carter's... read more

Aaron Carter 2nd Amendment For Gay Pride

Contrary to popular belief, Aaron Carter did not die in the 2010's due to stage four obscurity or a glue overdose. He's alive and all set to make his presence known to any terrorists that gets in his way. Carter is set to perform at L.A. Pride this weekend where he may or... read more

Aaron Carter Jumped By His Opening Act

Aaron Carter was jumped by a member of the band opening for him at a dive bar in Bradley, Illinois. If you were opening for Aaron Carter, you'd want to kill somebody too. It reflects poorly on your chances for that big label deal.  read more

Aaron Carter's Website Held Hostage

Aaron Carter is the brother of former Backstreet Boys lip syncher Nick Carter. They're both Florida swamp trash and share the common bond of being molested by their record producer. read more

Aaron Carter Wants Hilary Duff Back

Aaron Carter is still in love with his teenage girlfriend Hilary Duff and is acting like a middle school girl on Twitter to prove it. The two of them dated when they were 13, back when Aaron could only dream about meeting his future broke and unemployed hero self in ten... read more

Aaron Carter Goes Belly Up

It's a shame that we live in a country where a guy with no job can't make a living. Who's going to host a canned food drive for this stupid fucker for Thanksgiving? Is Ashton Kutcher going to stick his intellectual neck out to berate the recording industry for not... read more

Aaron Carter Got His Ass Kicked

A quick journey into the caverns of wisdom that make up Aaron Carter's Twitter and Instagram accounts would lead you to believe that the 25-year old singer uses social networking solely to get laid, and you'd probably be right. But he also uses it to let his followers... read more

Aaron Carter Abides

Aaron Carter was found mostly alive in the Conga Room of the Magic City Casino in Miami over the weekend busting out some serious rhymes and wrapping himself in the American flag. For some reason I thought he was dead then I realized I was probably thinking of his... read more

Michael Jackson gave Aaron Carter coke at 15

Michael Jackson was always deeply concerned about children of course, and by that I mean he was concerned they might tell after he raped them. Like this little snitch Aaron Carter is now doing. What a little tattle-tale. Aaron tells OK! how MJ gave him drugs and alcohol... read more