Chelsea Manning Covers Vogue

Vogue magazine seems the appropriate place for dishonorably discharged and convicted Army traitor Bradley Manning to appear as Chelsea Manning, lively post-op tranny in a swimsuit.  read more

Chelsea Manning Ready to Bust a 7-Year Nut

Chelsea Manning did what any tranny convicted traitor would do upon early commutation release from prison -- she posted selfies of herself in an low cut top. This Espionage Act convicted former Private First Class Bradley Manning is ready to mingle. read more

Treasonous Tranny Piling on Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner may be the trending tranny favorite of Vanity Fair and Glamour and E!, but boots on the ground trannies aren't having it. They see Jenner for what she is. A GOP donor who wants to look fabulous and suck cock and disguise it as something more profound than... read more