Amber Heard Chaz Bono Back On

The thirty-one-year-old Heard is coming off of a complex relationship with the back of Johnny Depp's hand and might find security and stability in the arms of someone who looks like a potato. His billions can't hurt. The Tesla founder finds that although Heard is... read more

Amber Heard Loses Another Billionaire

When you're a billionaire, there are a billion reasons to break up. There's no limit in relationships when you can buy love and women. read more

Amber Heard And Elon Musk Putting a Stamp On It

Amber Heard shared a photo of herself and Elon Musk, the alleged genius who's about to marry her and be half as much of a billionaire. It's possible to be super smart and socially retarded. It's also possible your company has a fantastic PR campaign behind you and you're... read more

Amber Heard And Elon Musk Possibly Boning

Amber Heard is reportedly sucking Elon Musk's cock. Musk is a bonafide genius. Any media outlet with financial stake in Tesla will gladly tell you in 3,000 words. He's probably super smart. Yet marketing and super genius rarely go together. People steal the latter's... read more