Miley Cyrus Brought Herself to Tears

Miley Cyrus has re-launched herself for the seventh time. Each launch generates tons of negative comments from the general public followed by tens of millions of dollars into the Miley Cyrus Foundation for a Kick Ass Life. read more

Nicki Minaj Secretly Sponsoring Village in India

Nicki Minaj took to Instagram to casually drop in a series of publicized photo posts that she's been financially supporting a village in India for the past couple of years. Minaj is so humble, nobody even know about it. read more

Alyssa Arce Offends With Nudity (VIDEO)

Not everybody is happy with Alyssa Arce posting a video of herself naked in the shower. Ninety-percent of her Instagram audience are dudes looking to tug one out. Veiled nudity can be a hinderance to a copious sock ejaculate. read more

Katherine Waterston Slays the Beast in This Week's Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

See the Alien: Covenant star go from Ripley to Strip-ley! read more

LaVar Ball Going for Broke (VIDEO)

Ambitious people strive to be the greatest at something. LaVar Ball is closing in on the worst helicopter sports dad ever. Barring a debilitating aneurism or IRS incarceration, he's taking home that honor. read more

Kendall Jenner Face Plants Off Bike (VIDEO)

God is good. God is great. Let us thank him for this video of Kendall Jenner busting her ass while cruising around a vineyard on a bicycle. Let us also thank him for sexy water buffalo Khloé Kardashian, who posted the whole mess to Instagram with the caption "My work here... read more

New Miss USA Falls for Trap Question (VIDEO)

The Miss USA pageant took place without anybody noticing. Miss District of Columbia won. Not surprisingly, she's a government employee. More surprisingly, she's a scientist with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. read more

Kylie Jenner Docu-Series Light on the Docu (VIDEO)

To fill in the summer gap where her gay Decathlete dad's show used to run, Kylie Jenner's receiving her own vacation time series on E!, where if it ain't Kardashian, it ain't making money. read more

Mommy Bloggers Going Deep For Views (VIDEO)

The biggest obstacle to connecting women and science is their reliance on random uncertified women with friendly faces as their primary source of medical and lifestyle advice. That or Facebook alarmist news story shares. read more

Conrad Hilton Courtroom Crazy (VIDEO)

Imagine a steep slide with zero friction and no handrails. At the bottom is full Nick Nolte crazy. Conrad Hilton is flying down the slide halfway to Nolte. read more

Skittles Makes Internet Throw Up The Rainbow (VIDEO)

Skittles asks audiences to taste the rainbow with a new Mother's Day ad. But all people are tasting is pre-vomit wet burps. The spot features a mother and her grown son attached with an adult-sized umbilical cord. read more

Sansa Stark Didn't Use N-Word (VIDEO)

Sophie Turner,most famous for portraying Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones, didn't use the N-word in a new video circulating the Internet. According to Turner. According to reality, she didn't either. But the media needs for rich white celebrities to use the N-word.... read more